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Automotive Bearing

BEARINGO specializes in the supplying auto bearings in every vehicle type and application area, due to our full products for the after-sale market of automobiles, mainly including hub unit bearings (chassis parts), belt tensioner units (engine parts), clutch release bearings (power train parts), and seals, bearing repair kit, etc.
Hub unit bearings are increasingly lighter weight, greater promotion of fuel efficiency, and enhanced module production systems. BEARINGO also offers compact and lightweight hub unit bearings with built-in ABS sensors.
- Structure
Conventional type, hub I, hub II, hub III are available by BEARINGO.
1) Conventional Type: difficult to set preload, complicated mounting process, grease packing required.
2) HUB I: easy and reliable preload setting, easy mounting process, no spacer required, no grease packing required, compact, and integral high performance seal.
3) HUB II: easier and more reliable preload setting, easy mounting process, no need to press fit into knuckle.
4) HUB III: preset optimum preload. (for non-driven wheels), easy mounting process, high rigidity, and easy incorporation of ABS sensor.

Item Old spec Size Weight Remarks
32BG05S1 32*55*23  
32BG04S3G 32*47*18  
336-2001 30*46*18/16  
30BGS1 30*62*27  
DAC3055CRK 30*55*26  
30BG05S5G 30*55*23  
30BGS10G 30*52*22  
101.007 30*52*20  
30BD5020 30*50*20  
30BG04S13 30*47*22  
30BD4720 30*47*20  
30BG04S8G 30*47*18  
30BD4712 30*47*12  
3306-2RS 30*72*30.2  
W6306-2RS 30*72*30.2  
6906DW 30*47*9  
3051 25*62*19  
W6305-2RS 25*62*25.4  
W6205-2RS 25*52*20.6  
87605RR 25*62*21  
62322 22*56*21  
6904WB 20*37*8.5  
6904DW 18.8*37*9  
62304-2RS/17 17*52*21  
B304 2DRR 17*52*16  
REF382 17*47*24  
Wc87503ZZ 17*40*14.3  
87503RR 17*40*14.3  
W6203-2RS 17*40*17.5  
62303-2RS 17*47*19  
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